Metal Fabrics Decorate Home, Restaurants and Office Buildings

Through continuous developing and efforts, Boegger Industech Limited has become one of the top professional manufacturer of metal fabric. With various types, high quality and superior service, the products are widely adopted in the native and abroad. In the near future, our product will occupy an important place in the word markets.

Various types of products

Eight main types of metal fabrics on the white background.

Manufactured from different materials and production process, we can supply various types of metal fabric. The metal fabrics we produced have a large branches. Each type of product have various colors and types.

  • Metal coil drapery. K type and S type structure with so many colors for choice.
  • Aluminum chain curtain. Raindrop shape with double hooks for connection.
  • Metallic fabric cloth. Bright and shinning colors and round or octagon shapes.
  • Cable metal mesh. Free combination of cable metal wire and steel wire rod.
  • Metal ring mesh. Chain braided and S hook connection types.
  • Conveyor belt mesh. Round or flat spiral wire and straight or pre-crimped rods.
  • Crimped architectural mesh. Plain crimped, intermediate, flat top and lock crimped weaving methods.
  • Architectural rigid mesh. Rigid and hard mesh with flat or round wires and various structures.

Wide range of application

Metal fabric has a wide range of applications, it can not only be used in the functional applications, but also be used as decorative materials.

The metal fabric can used in various places, such as home, office building, restaurants, concerts, exhibition hall, shopping malls and other high-class places.

The main application of metal fabric in the below:

Six main application are on a circle.
  • Ceiling decoration. The metal fabric can be installed on the suspended ceilings or surrounding the lamp. It can be formed various shapes and design. Metal fabric cloth can also be hanging down to the ground for unique design.
  • Wall decoration. The metal fabric can be installed on the walls for a whole decoration, it can also be customized into different pictures for more decorative requirements.
  • Facade cladding. Installed on the building surface, the metal fabric can let the building be more attractive. Additional, the specially designed logos can be added as a billboard.
  • Window treatment. The metal fabric can be used as window curtains instead of the traditional cloth curtains to decorate the room space. It can also be used as window screen to protect the safe of people and properties.
  • Space divider/ partition wall. Widely seen in the office buildings, restaurants, coffee shop and other places, the space divider can provide privacy for the customers and decoration for the places.
  • Handrail and balustrade. The metal fabric is ornamental and practical. It can decorate the handrails and balustrade and protect the people's safe.

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Hot Products
Metal Coil Drapery

Metal coil drapery with various materials and colors is a fashionable decorative mesh as space divider, ceilings and wall decorations.

Aluminum Chain Curtain

Aluminum chain curtain with aluminum material and various colors is widely used as fly screen, space divider and wall decoration.

Metallic Fabric Cloth

Metallic fabric cloth with round and octagon shapes and various shining colors is used as space divider, window curtain and wall decorations.

Metal Ring Mesh

Metal ring mesh with chain braided and S hook types is widely used as space divider, window curtain and cast iron cleaner.