Various types of metal fabric and its applications

Metal Coil Drapery

Metal coil drapery with various materials and colors is a fashionable decorative mesh as space divider, ceilings and wall decorations.

Aluminum Chain Curtain

Aluminum chain curtain with aluminum material and various colors is widely used as fly screen, space divider and wall decoration.

Metallic Fabric Cloth

Metallic fabric cloth with round and octagon shapes and various shining colors is used as space divider, window curtain and wall decorations.

Metal Ring Mesh

Metal ring mesh with chain braided and S hook types is widely used as space divider, window curtain and cast iron cleaner.

Crimped Architectural Mesh

Crimped architectural mesh with various materials and different weaving method is widely used in the architectural constructions for decoration.

Cable Metal Mesh

Cable metal mesh is combined with braided steel cables and wire for handrails, balustrades, facade cladding, ceiling and wall decorations.

Conveyor Belt Mesh

Conveyor belt mesh with flat or round spiral wire is widely used in architectural constructions as the facade cladding, space divider and handrails.

Architectural Rigid Mesh

Architectural rigid mesh with rigid and firm structure and various materials, is widely used in constructions as facade cladding and elevator mesh.

Metal Fabric For Ceiling Decoration

Metal coil drapery, aluminum chain curtains and metallic fabric cloth types supply beauty and aesthetic for the ceilings and suspended ceilings.

Metal Fabric For Space Divider

Aluminum chain curtains, metallic fabric cloth and other types of metal fabric is designed for space divider and partition walls.

Wall Decoration

We can supply the metal coil drapery, metal ring mesh, aluminum chain curtain and other types of metal fabric for wall decoration.

Handrail And Balustrade

Conveyor belt mesh, cable metal mesh and crimped architectural mesh types of handrails and balustrade to secure people’s life.

Facade Cladding

Cable metal mesh, crimped architectural mesh and conveyor belt mesh types metallic fabrics supply beautiful cladding for buildings.

Window Treatment

The metal fabric can supply the window curtain and window screen types to satisfy the different requirements of customers.