Customized Metal Coil Drapery used in Malaysia building designs

A finger is putting on a piece of metal coil drapery.
Metal coil drapery has bright color and soft surface.


  • Country: Malaysia.
  • Product: metal coil drapery.
  • Quantity: 180 m2.

Our client is an housing designer in a Malaysia design company. He needed to build a decorative building in his housing building project. So he wanted to choose a type of perfect decorative mesh for his design. After browsing on the Google, he found us and hoped us recommended the suitable products for him.


  • About the products
    After receiving the inquiry of our customer, we told our customer that we were professional in manufacturing the decorative metal fabric and we recommended the metal coil drapery and metal ring mesh for our customers. The two kinds of metal fabric are all soft and widely used in decorative applications. Our customer wanted to visit our factory and decided which products he needed
    After comparing the metal coil drapery with the metal ring mesh, our customer decided to use the metal coil drapery made of stainless steel. He also said he needed the natural color to suit the surrounding environments.
  • About the specs
    The customer brought the drawings of the building design to help us decide the specs of the decorative material. Based on the design drawings, we gave the customized specs of the metal coil drapery, the detailed specs were as follows:
    • Material: AISI 304.
    • Wire diameter: 1.6 mm.
    • Aperture: 8.5 mm.
    • Color: natural stainless steel color.

Production and delivery
After receiving the payment of the customer, we started to arrange production.
We have skilled workers and advanced equipment, so the production was smooth and fast. We completed the production two days in advance.
All the products were tested by our test department, and only the qualified products were delivered to our customer. We also sent the test report along with the goods to our customer.
All the products were perfect packed. The metal coil draperies were wrapped by the plastic film to prevent corrosion and rust. And then the products were put into the wooden case to prevent break and damage during transporting.
All the production and test completed, we contacted with our forwarder to arrange loading and shipping. The gave a soon feedback and help us arrange the fastest loading and shipping.
All of the links were smooth and our customer received the goods smoothly and used in his project.

Several rolls of metal coil drapery was wrapped by the plastic film.
Metal coil drapery with plastic film package.
Several rolls of metal coil drapery with plastic film are in the wooden case.
Metal coil drapery in wooden case package.


  • The sales representative is professional and give us lots of ideas and suggestions for our project. We are impressed with the professional and good service.
  • All the products were packed perfectly, and there was no any damage of the products.
  • The products was soft and easy to install, so the project was completed in advance.
  • The products works great and make our design beautiful and high-class.
  • The natural color of the metal coil drapery was half transparent, which is very beautiful.
  • If we have any other projects, we will contact you and hope the next cooperation.
A steel frame is set up in the center of the buildings.
Frame of the design and waiting for installing the metal coil drapery.
A complete effect of the metal coil drapery in the design.
Complete effect of design and the metal coil drapery.
A top detail of the metal coil drapery installation of the building design.
Metal coil drapery is half transparent and beautiful.
A detail installation of metal coil drapery
Metal coil drapery is easy to install and works well in the design.

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