Cable Metal Mesh and Crimped Architectural Mesh Facade Cladding

Facade cladding is also called building cladding, which can supply the beauty and unique design for the building. The facade cladding can be lot of types and materials. The stainless steel material is the most popular material, which has outstanding resistance to the corrosion, rust, acid and alkali.

As for the types and structures, we can supply various types of facade cladding, which has the decorative functions. Additional, we can add your logo or design you want to the cladding, which make your building be outstanding among the lots of buildings.

Cable metal mesh

With various structures and types, the cable metal mesh is widely used in the facade cladding. The cable steel wire and stainless or brass steel rod can supply both the durability and beauty for the building. It is the wisdom choice for the company.

A piece of cable metal mesh with round weft wires and cable steel warp wires.
Cable metal mesh with cable steel wires in the warp and round wires in the weft.
Several pieces of cable metal meshes are covering the buildings.
Cable metal mesh is widely used to covering the buildings for facade cladding.

Crimped architectural mesh

Crimped architecture mesh has various materials and types, which can have more choice for the customers. The crimped architectural mesh has sturdy and firm structures and the material can resistance to the sunlight, rains and snow, so that the crimped architectural mesh can maintain the long service life.

A piece of crimped architectural mesh with four pre-crimped wires in the warp and a straight wire in the weft.
Crimped architectural mesh with four pre-crimped wires and a straight wire structure.
The crimped architectural mesh is covering the high building.
The crimped architectural mesh is widely used in the high buildings for building cladding.

Conveyor belt mesh

The conveyor belt mesh is flexible, which can supply the round wire and flat wire for choice. Also, the conveyor belt mesh has welded or knuckled edge, which can suit more applications. The brass or copper conveyor belt mesh can supply a beautiful surface for the building.

A piece of stainless steel conveyor belt mesh on the white background.
Conveyor belt mesh with flat spiral wires and straight rod wires.
Conveyor belt mesh is covering the red brick buildings.
Conveyor belt mesh is covering the building for decoration.

Architectural rigid mesh

Different from the other type of metal fabric, the architectural rigid mesh cannot be folded no matter in the horizontal direction or the vertical direction. The architectural rigid mesh has firm and stable structure, which can be used as facade cladding in the buildings.

A piece of architectural rigid mesh with flat warp wires and round weft wires.
Architectural rigid mesh with flat wires and round wires.
The architectural rigid mesh is covering the window of the building.
The architectural rigid mesh is used as facade cladding for sunshade.

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